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In Literature

There is a wide and ever-increasing spectrum of literature available in fiction and non-fiction that covers the telling of the Robin Hood legend and its historical background in many diverse adaptations and genres. From mentions by Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and Charlotte Bronte to frequent new titles of adult, children's and romantic fiction, the Sherwood Forest hero's literary appeal appears to be both endless and timeless.

Robin Hood heads East to the Punjab!

In his newly published first book, writer and broadcaster, Billy Babu, re-routes the traditional tale of Robin Hood into the Punjab region of Northern India.


Why The Legend Lives On!

The start of the New Year of 2014 surprisingly also reminds us that it is around 800 years since the tales of Robin Hood first appeared in a written down format - although they had of course been passed on by word of mouth for some two centuries before that – which is an absolutely amazing length of time for such a story to survive and hold a dominant position in popular culture. So what makes the tale so fascinating that, even after eight centuries, (during which time it has been re-told thousands, if not millions of times) it can still fire the imagination of new generations and capture people's hearts? Whatever it is, the traditional story of Robin Hood and his outlaw band has got it "by the shed-load" and that's why it has acquired the iconic status of becoming a "legend"!