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NEW NOVELLA, “A LONELY ROAD” - introduces a fresh perspective on the Robin Hood legend in a fascinating concept as a work of excellent crime fiction.


Having read hundreds of Robin Hood related books and articles over the years, I am always interested in how a new author incorporates a link to the traditional tales and what approach they adopt, so when Peter Morrison's "A Lonely Road" landed on my desk it was a real breath of fresh air.


The storyline addresses the subject from a distinct new angle and focuses on aspects of the familiar legend as a criminal investigation and cleverly ratchets up the drama in a plot that crackles with intrigue and interesting characters and unfolds against a background of events in Northern England in 1214. Thomas Sturdy, a young advocate, comes upon a grave at the edge of the forest and the discovery sets off a chain of events and revelations as interesting as any modern day detective novel.

Author, Peter Morrison says, "I wanted to write a short but intricate story which held the reader's interest all the way while evoking a sense of the distant past." Well, this excellent work of fiction with a difference has certainly delivered his intentions and also helped to re-establish the novella as a succinct and valid literary format.

Published by Short Sharp Books at just £3.99, this is definitely a Robin Hood book with a new perspective and highly recommended to all lovers of quality crime fiction.

Bob White - World Wide Robin Hood Society. 16/7/15