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On Location

Around the globe there are many geographical locations that have been given names associated with Robin Hood or characters and places featured in the legendary tales. This mutual affinity represents a potential "open door" through which initial contacts might be made on appropriate fronts beneficial to marketing, business development, tourism, education, community interests and cultural links. Many countries worldwide also have their own "Robin Hood style" folk heroes within their respective customs and traditional cultures and this affinity could also similarly open up potential links through such connections.

A Tale of Two Forests

At first glance, the idea of creating a medieval style Sherwood Forest in Texas, USA may seem to be a somewhat bizarre and far-fetched proposal but, 4 years ago, two former graduates of Texas A and M University did exactly that and on February 27th 2010, the "Sherwood Forest Faire" opened on Saturdays and Sundays for six consecutive weekends, offering a mixture of medieval entertainment and fun for the whole family! The concept was the brainchild of Eric Todd, a medieval and renaissance history graduate at the University who had visited Nottingham when he was a student 20 years earlier and had since tirelessly pursued his dream to build a piece of medieval Nottingham in the heart of Texas!