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Against All Odds - Robin Hood Continues To Create Global Interest and Gets Caught In a USA Media Storm About Mistaken Identity!

It seems to somewhat beggar belief, but when the world is understandably focussed on the worrying issue of the Covid 19 pandemic, against all the odds, global interest in the Robin Hood legend still continues to flourish!

As 2021 dawned, the internet- based World Wide Robin Hood Society was involved with a variety of projects related to the legendary outlaw, including:

  • Reviewing 3 new Robin Hood books * - ( two factual, academic works and an historical novel that has also attracted interest in its cinematic rights potential for film and television.)
  • A planned new documentary by a German television company.
  • A proposed book by an American author, about the making of the hugely successful 1950’s television series, “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, starring Richard Greene.
  • Sourcing a suitable illustration of Lincoln Green clothing for the “Love Lincs. Plants” project, being co-ordinated by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Then, right out-of-the- blue, the Society found itself thrust into a global media storm, when investors mistakenly confused it’s twitter handle, @robinhood with a USA Robinhood  stock trading app that was hitting the headlines in the financial news. The Society’s twitter platform subsequently saw a phenomenal increase, rocketing to over 60,000+ followers and still counting!

Society Chairman, Bob White, commented:  “Everything went crazy and over 4-5 days we were inundated with requests for media interviews - resulting in features in such high profile news outlets as Rolling Stone, ( ; the Wall Street Journal (Front page, Tuesday February 9th); NBC News and even the “Today in America” morning show! It seems that now, even after 800 years, Robin Hood, everyone’s favourite outlaw, still has a global following. His iconic story of the triumph of justice over evil and corruption continues to be fondly held in many people’s hearts, giving the legend seemingly eternal life! Perhaps, in Robin Hood, people still see him as their champion and hero, whose worthy principles might be adopted to challenge the changing times we face today?”

For further information and comment, contact Bob White, Chairman of the World Wide Robin Hood Society, by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone on (0115) 9523183.

Bob White has nearly 50 years experience in “all things Robin Hood” and a diverse appreciation of the legend’s status as a powerful, centuries-old “brand”. He is also the author of “Robin Hood: The legacy of a folk hero”.