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New Robin Hood Book Helps Keep The Legend Alive

Review of The Original Robin Hood by Thor Ewing

Most Robin Hood related books are usually either factual, historical reference works or dramatic interpretations of the traditional popular story, re-imagined for children and adults. Thor Ewing’s new book logically falls into the first category. But don’t let that put you off, because the author presents the traditional ballads in diligently re-worked translations in modern English that make the iconic legend easier to understand and to more fully appreciate the stories being told. Whether you are an academic student; a medieval history buff or just an interested reader, having this compact book to hand could prove to be a useful and well-researched reference to the background of the Robin Hood legend.

In the book’s comprehensive introduction, the author clearly sets out the structure of the book’s contents and puts forward some interesting observations and plausible assumptions. He touches on potentially sensitive and controversial issues such as the outlaw’s suggested Scottish heritage; his often-doubted noble ancestry; the introduction of Maid Marian as the legend’s love interest and the eternally thorny question regarding Robin’s Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire roots! All often fiercely contested factors when viewed from certain historical standpoints.

Together with a timeline and some useful appendices, Thor Ewing presents his collective translations of the traditional Robin Hood ballads and plays etc. for readers to draw their own conclusions. Always a vital factor, that provides the essential lifeblood of the popular, globally loved tales and ensures the iconic Robin Hood legend lives on!

BOB WHITE: Chairman of the internet-based World Wide Robin Hood Society.  (2/1/21)


The Original Robin Hood” by Thor Ewing (ISBN 978-1-910075-13-5) is published by Welkin Books Ltd., Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2ST.


A lesson not learned!

A lesson not learned!

‘Twas a messenger from Maid Marian who first brought the worrying news,

That a deadly disease was rife in Nottingham Town.

So Robin Hood was quick to act and made decisive plans,

Declaring Sherwood Forest in lock down!!


He demanded social distancing between his Merry Men,

 Imposed self-isolation, high in a tree.

But they were granted daily toilet breaks and a short walk to the stream,

To wash and scrub their hands, most vigorously.


Food and drink was hauled up by rope, in baskets and in pails.

And from leaves they improvised some facial masks.

They passed the time by swapping tales and singing boisterous songs;

 Making arrows, bows and other daily tasks.


This strict regime was maintained for weeks and kept things under control,

  It was vital, Robin said, for them to survive.

Their actions certainly saved the day and when they heard the threat had passed,

They knew how lucky they all were to be alive.


 It had been a grim, stark warning, a lesson to be learned,

For future generations to define.

But when the famous tales of Sherwood were passed down through the years,

 This story just got lost in the mists of time!


Now, eight centuries later, a new disease is back,

Yet the remedy required is just the same,

But we forgot the early importance of Robin Hood’s advice,

And got caught-up late in this deadly Covid game!!!


So, as we all pick up the pieces and begin to count the cost,

We salute the unsung heroes, every one.  

  The selfless, front-line champions who brought us through the storm,

The key workers who stayed resolute and strong!


Now it’s time to care for others, and seek justice for all,

 Re-distribute the wealth to do some good.

Perhaps now, more than ever, the world is going to need

 The values and the Spirit of Robin Hood!


Robert White



Robin Hood's Body Found ….clutching Maid Marian’s knickers!

Robin Hood's Body Found ….clutching Maid Marian’s knickers!

27 years ago, on July 19th, 1992, this was the global exclusive, sensationalist headline that appeared in the Sunday Sport newspaper and shocked the world!  Long before the development of social media, this dubious publication thrived on “fake news” and had a reputation for unashamedly creating a wide range of fanciful stories and unlikely events that had scant reference to the truth!!!

The paper tapped into the general publics’ insatiable appetite for gossip and controversy and in the story about Robin Hood they claimed that an American study group from the University of Utah had found the outlaw’s perfectly preserved body in a shallow grave in Sherwood Forest! The article also even featured a fake photograph, supposedly showing the corpse! It was all a total pack of lies of course - but Nottingham City Council and County Council press and public relations departments had several hectic days fielding the inevitable calls from the global media wanting to find out more!

This anecdote is just one of the hundreds of items of fact, fiction and trivia contained in a new and fascinating book  about to be published  titled “Robin Hood: The Legacy of a Folk Hero” and written by Robert White, the chairman of the internet-based, World Wide Robin Hood Society. The book looks at how, over the centuries, the Sherwood Forest outlaw has become a globally famous icon of popular culture with many diverse links to literature, art, poetry, music, theatre, film and television etc..  As well as examining the truth behind the unsolved “man or myth” conundrum that continues to question his actual existence, it also looks at Robin Hood’s role in the rise of popular culture and how the principles that the legendary outlaw stands for still resonate in the world today!

So if you thought you knew about Robin Hood – then think again! Read the book and discover things you probably never knew were associated with the world’s favourite outlaw!

The book has been published by BLKDOG publishers and will be available in both a paperback and a Kindle Edition, which can be ordered on Amazon:

For further background information you can contact the author direct by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone on (0115) 9523183.


New Kindle Book – “Robin Hood: The Legacy of A Folk Hero”

New Kindle Book – “Robin Hood: The Legacy of A Folk Hero”


New kindle book - "Robin Hood: The legacy of a folk Hero" gives a brief but fascinating insight into one of Britain’s and the world’s most enduring and iconic legends. The title discusses interesting facts and trivia, along with the complexity and issues that surround the traditional stories and also explores how Robin and his Merry Men still impact on us to this day in various aspects of popular culture. Written by Robert White, long-standing chairman of the internet based World Wide Robin Hood Society, it has been recently published by BLKDOG and further details can be found at-


Find Robin Hood! – New initiative launched to trace the impact of the legend

Find Robin Hood! – New initiative launched to trace the impact of the legend


The internet-based World Wide Robin Hood Society are asking the general public to keep an eye open for any instances where Robin Hood’s name is being used, along with other character and place names from the traditional tale. It might be in the name of a company or business; a public house or restaurant etc; a place name or geographic location; a street or road name or it might simply be an outline or image on a sign etc. Wherever Robin and his legendary companions are  hiding – the public are being asked to search him out and the Society have persuaded the present day Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Glyin Jenkins to also encourage everyone to be on the look-out for any references to characters and places from the legend such as Little John, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest and of course the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The initiative is all part of a new research project being set up by the World Wide Robin Hood Society, designed to help establish the true impact of the Robin Hood legend, both here in the UK and around the globe. Chairman, Bob White says “Just over a year ago the Society ran a very limited pilot scheme to test public reaction to the idea and its success confirmed that the initiative had a lot of potential. The pilot scheme also revealed just how varied the Robin Hood connections were and it became apparent that with the rapid development of technology it was absolutely essential to also provide a facility for the public to be able to submit a picture from their mobile phone or camera.”

The Sheriff said “Many local people still don’t realise just how powerful the Robin Hood legend has become in popular culture and I am pleased to help promote this initiative which also has the future potential aim of creating a network of educational, commercial and individual link-ups that could be good for business and the community in the City and County.”

“It’s really simple to take part.” commented Bob White, “When someone “finds” Robin, or any connections with his legendary friends and haunts, then they should go on-line to the specially dedicated link at  and let the World Wide Robin Hood Society know where and when they found the Robin Hood – related reference and, if possible, also send in a photo image or “selfie”. Each month, the person submitting the most interesting sighting will receive a token “arrow pen” and a special scroll certificate, personally signed by the present day Sheriff of Nottingham. Wherever Robin Hood is “hiding” the Society and the Sheriff want to know!”


New Robin Hood blockbuster movie set to start filming in 2017

New Robin Hood blockbuster movie set to start filming in 2017

Set construction has begun in Dubrovnik for the latest Robin Hood blockbuster movie which is being co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Directed by Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders) -“Robin Hood: Origins” looks at the legend from a dark perspective where Robin Hood returns from the Crusades to discover a Sherwood Forest rife with corruption and evil. Teaming up with a band of outlaws he sets about putting things right and restoring a sense of justice.

However, Variety magazine reports that the storyline “centres on Robin Hood as a war-torn crusader who joins a Moorish commander in an ambitious revolt against the English Monarchy.” Clearly the plot lines have yet to be finalised but the big attraction of the Robin Hood legend for filmmakers is that there is no actual historical proof as to just who the outlaw was - so the scriptwriters can be very creative with their imagination!

Confirmed casting for the new movie includes Jamie Foxx as Little John, Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One villain) as the Sheriff of Nottingham; Eve Hewson as Maid Marian; Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet and Taron Egerton in the title role as Robin Hood. The movie is currently scheduled for general release on 23rdMarch, 2018.


Robin Hood features in the isle of man's 2016 Christmas stamp collection

Robin Hood features in the isle of man's 2016 Christmas stamp collection

Robin Hood’s popular role in the traditional “Babes in the Wood” pantomime has secured him a place in the Isle of Man Post Office’s fun filled set of stamps celebrating the world of pantomime at Christmas. His trademark “hat with a feather” features on the 1.86p stamp - one of a series of six designed and illustrated by The Fresh Group.

The collection of stamps reflects some of the nation’s favourite pantomimes and each stamp incorporates a metallic silver Queen’s head and an iconic image in an array of vibrant colours. The 45p stamp shows an image of the ruby slipper from The Wizard of Oz; the 77p stamp depicts Captain Hook’s hook from Peter Pan and the 95p stamp features the lamp from Aladdin. Snow White’s rosy red apple is featured on the £1.13 stamp with a bite taken out; a £1.24 stamp features an image of  Dick Whittington’s knapsack and stick and the £1.86 stamp features Robin Hood’s hat.

Maxine Cannon, General Manager of Isle of Man Stamps and Coins, said “We are pleased to present our Christmas stamps for 2016 with a set of iconic images from one of the seasons best loved traditions, the pantomime. We hope that both those sending their post at Christmas and collectors alike will enjoy these beautiful stamps.”

The stamp collection comes with a text by popular British panto performer, Christopher Biggins and can be purchased at

Bob White, Chairman of the World Wide Robin Hood Society commented, “The inclusion of Robin Hood in this delightful set of colourful stamps shows yet again just how popular the legendary Sherwood Forest outlaw has become. In fact, in recent years, many productions have reflected this by re-titling the traditional pantomime “Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood.”


Robin Hood pin badges help students create goodwill in the USA

Robin Hood pin badges help students create goodwill in the USA

Five members of Nottingham Rowing Club will be wearing Robin Hood pin badges when they begin their studies at American universities in September. The badges have been provided by the internet-based World Wide Robin Hood Society, as part of its 20thAnniversary Year celebrations and have been frequently used around the world to help promote the City and County.

The Society operates from Sherwood Business Centre in Nottingham and Chairman, Bob White, says, “The eye-catching green and gold pin badges feature a traditional silhouette image of the legendary Sherwood Forest outlaw and are ideal gestures of goodwill that are particularly popular in America and many other places around the globe. The badges become a talking point and on many occasions they have helped to “break the ice” by opening conversations that have often lead to successful business and commercial deals, as well as helping to foster community links and personal friendships”

Nottingham Rowing Club’s logo also features a distinctive Robin Hood image on sweat shirts and tracksuit tops etc. and the club members will be proudly wearing their pin badges and sportswear as ambassadors for their Club and County.

The five rowing club members going to the USA to study are: Anna Thorntonfrom the Beckett School, who was a Double Scull winner at the HRR, under 23 Worlds in Poland and selected for the World Senior Champs in Bulgaria in September. She will be studying at Washington University. Harvey Kay from Rushcliffe School is a Silver Medal winner in the GB under 23 8 and he will also be studying at Washington University. Kyra Edwards from the George Spencer School won a Bronze Quad medal at the under 23 World Championships and she will be studying at UCLA, California along with Lucy Holgate who won Gold in the WNS 8 in the Home Countries International in Cork.

Jenna Draycott lives in Carlton and was a Silver winner in the double scull junior championships in Nottingham HPNWS and she is off to study at Ohio University.


Society takes part in panel of experts discussing the best and worst portrayals of Robin Hood in the movies

Society takes part in panel of experts discussing the best and worst portrayals of Robin Hood in the movies

With the new Robin Hood movie starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx currently scheduled for general release in November, not-for-profit company, Robin Hood Energy, recently invited the World Wide Robin Hood Society to join a panel of “experts” to give their opinions on who they thought gave the best and worst portrayals of Robin Hood in the movies. The outcome of their deliberations can be viewed at

Chairman Bob White was the Society’s representative on the film panel but he personally considers the best over-all portrayal of Robin Hood to have been the “small screen” performance by Michael Praed in the popular 1980’s “Robin Of Sherwood” television series made by HTV/Goldcrest. Bob commented “For me personally, Praed, was definitively the ideal Robin Hood! He had the look and screen presence and the benefit of writer/creator Richard Carpenter’s tight scripts that cleverly blended the traditional tales with a hint of mystery and magic.”


Why everything you know about Robin Hood is wrong!

Why everything you know about Robin Hood is wrong!

Man or Myth – Fact or Fiction? The Robin Hood legend is actually a can of worms! The problem is that if you take a serious look into the background to the popular traditional tales you’ll discover it’s riddled with flaws. The facts often don’t stack up and somehow it seems impossible to square the circle between the story and the reality. That’s the obsessive nature of the legend that has continued to fascinate and infuriate academics and enthusiasts for centuries.

With the no-nonsense, cover title of “Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong” – Karen Murdarasi’s new book pulls no punches and tells it like it is! The 90 informative pages are jam-packed with revealing facts and comparisons about the many discrepancies in the popular story and it’s all brightly written in a succinct and engaging style. The author outlines some of the main issues that have caused controversy and debate in academic circles and puts forward five possible pretenders from the lengthy list of “usual suspects” championed by various historians, all suggesting real life characters who Robin Hood may have been based on.

There is no undisputed historical evidence available that can conclusively prove that Robin Hood ever existed or who he really was. However, across the centuries, fiction has triumphed over fact and Robin Hood has become far more significant as a legend than ever he would have been as a real historical figure.

Every generation creates for itself the Robin Hood that it needs and the public have always come to his rescue whenever his credibility is called into question. Irrespective of any new supposed facts or information to the contrary, Robin Hood is the People’s Champion , a global icon of popular culture and the general public have repeatedly shown that they do not wish the image of their legendary Sherwood Forest hero, and everything he stands for, to be destroyed. However, if your curiosity gets the better of you and you really want to delve into the murky world of Robin Hood’s authenticity, then Karen Murdarasi spells it all out in this enjoyable new book.

Review by Bob White, Chairman, World Wide Robin Hood Society – November 2018.

“Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong” by K.C. Murdarasi is published by Hephaestion Press (ISBN: 978-1-9164909-0-1) It sells for £4.99 and is available from and at Amazon as an e-book or paperback and at all good local bookstores.